New Paintings to Share!


acrylic SM


photo 1 SM


photo 7 SM


lake SM

Lori C

photo2 SM

Carol M…

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It’s Been a While…

but we have all been busy painting!

Our website has a new feature – pages dedicated to each of our artists. All you have to do is click on “Our Artists” to see what each of our individual artists has been up to.

But here are a few examples of what we have been doing!

From Carol M

P1 small

From Cindy B

photo 1 MED

Karen N

photo2 Smaller blog

Kitty M

Oil Painting Student - Kitty

Lin M

photo 1 MED

Marjo G

photo 1 MED

Mary Ann B

a place to reflect

Peggy P

Photo 1 MED

And Susan has a new watercolor but check out her oil and mixed media pages also!

silver bay chapel 16 x 20 watercolor MED