Susan R Watercolor




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ducks in the pond

Ducks in the Pond

fall at brushy creek

Fall at Brushy Creek

Tree House 14"x 10", Watercolor, 2013

Tree House 14″x 10″, Watercolor, 2013

silver bay chapel 16 x 20 watercolor MED

Silver Bay Chapel
20 x 16

Single Yellow Iris  5"x 7", Watercolor, 2013

Single Yellow Iris 5″x 7″, Watercolor, 2013

Yellow Iris  9" x 12", Watercolor, 2013Yellow Iris 9″ x 12″, Watercolor, 2013

Sunset Lake 8"x 10", Watercolor,2013

Sunset Lake 8″x 10″, Watercolor,2013

Autumn Forrest 8"x 10", Watercolor, 2013Autumn Forrest 8″x 10″, Watercolor, 2013Sunlit Bank, 9"x 11", Watercolor, 2013Sunlit Bank, 9″x 11″, Watercolor, 2013 Birches  9"x11", watercolor, 2013Birches 9″x11″, watercolor, 2013

Sunflowers 9"x12", watercolor, 2013

Sunflowers 9″x12″, watercolor, 2013

Flat-rock Creek  14"x 20", Watercolor,  2013

Flat-rock Creek 14″x 20″, Watercolor, 2013

The Barn 9"x 11", watercolor, 2013

The Barn 9″x 11″, watercolor, 2013

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